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Sylvan Lake

Hiking with Mommy


pretty good self timer!

Lydia and Mom

Stopping to remember the moment

Our weekend trip was simply a fun adventure.  The Larsen family loves adventures – especially knowing that one could be just around the corner.  On the way back from the ranch we stopped at Sylvan Lake.  It was one of those picture perfect days – 70 degrees with no wind.  We took our time looking at rocks, finding new paths to go on and feeding the ducks.  As we often say, “It was a glorious day!”  We had no where to go and nothing to do, so we could just be still.  So often I rush about my day not taking time to thank God for the breath that he just gave me or the health that I take for granted.  Being in nature makes me feel a heartbeat away from God himself – so very close.

Now we are back in the chaos of life – trying to sell a home, helping my husband build a new business, homeschooling my children, being a Mops leader, and preparing for a move to another city.  In the midst of it all, I know God is faithful and He has an adventurous life planned out for myself and my family.  There is so much comfort knowing that God is taking care of all the details so that I don’t have to worry.

Here we go…

So – Here it goes…I am officially a blogger now.  I have read so many of my friends and their friends blogs that I have honestly felt a little guilty of not doing my own.  My girls have so many funny stories that I have to share them with friends and family.

We are off tomorrow for a 5 day adventure out to my in-laws ranch.  There will be 8 kids 8 and under.  It should loud, adventurous and fun!  Next week I will post my pictures.