Lydia and I went to the cabin early so we could paint. Last weekend when we were there, I noticed a key on the counter. I made mental note to check where that went and proceeded to forget all about until I was getting ready to leave yesterday.

On my way out the door, I made sure to grab the garage door opener, “just in case that key was for the front door.” Lydia and I arrived and I pushed the opener and we went in the garage to find the door between the house and garage locked. Ummm…that’s a problem.

Back to find the spare key, we realized that it was the one sitting on the counter.


We looked for an unlocked window.

We called Carl and a locksmith.

We then got the ladder out to see if any of the upper windows were open.


One was unlocked.

We didn’t have a screw driver only a paint can opener. All the tools are in the house.

It was so difficult to pry even a little bit. I then realized I would be able to pop the screen because that too has little locks.

Lydia went up to inspect. “Mom, if we have a safety pin, I think I can squeeze my arm in and get the screen off.

Sure enough…she did it!!!

She successfully broke into the cabin.

I love that girl.

Now to go and buy a keyless entry deadbolt.