I asked Adie to answer these questions about me.

1.  What is something I say a lot?   It’s too loud in here…calm down

2. What makes me happy? When Dad scratches your back.

3. What makes me sad? When Dad have to go for a very long time

4. How tall am I? 5’6

5. How old am I? 36 or 37

6.  What’s my favorite thing to do? read

7. What makes me proud of you? When I write songs.

8. What’s my favorite food? Sweet and Sour Chicken

9.  Do I have a favorite child? No

10.  If I could go anywhere, where would it be? California

11. Could you live without me? No

12.  What’s my favorite song? Ones that I write.

13.  How do you annoy me? When I complain while doing school.

14.  What’s my favorite movie? McFarland USA

15. Who is my best friend? Sarah Hebert

16. Where was I born? Montana …no South Dakota?

17.  What is my favorite TV show? Hmmm…You don’t like TV.

18. What scares me? Satan

19. Who do I have a crush on? Daddy

20. How do you describe me? patient