4 Generation Dinner

Grace and I got a call from my mom at 6pm asking if we wanted to join them for dinner. We put our food that we were making in the refrigerator and headed over. It was a sweet time with my Grandpa, mom, Aunt Jane, Aunt Cheryl, her daughter Hannah and Grace.

Get the level

The competition was fierce competition over who was taller. The level never lies.

Nana vs Kia = dead even

Big Sky 2.0

Zero days until Big Sky. The chain used to touch the floor and now she cuts the last link off. They were giddy when I dropped them off at the airport. To get a text 2 hours later saying “I mixed up boarding and departure times, ” was a little unsettling. They enjoyed their time in the Delta World Club. Before Covid hit, Carl earned diamond status and there are lots of perks, like asking them to hold the plane for you while you run with your five kids to the gate.

Fun times exploring Bozman, Montana

Lydia really wanted to go to The Museum of the Rockies to see all the dinosaurs. Pizza for dinner.

St Cloud Technical College

It is sweet that Lydia and Morgan will do the carpentry program together. Next fall there will be a whole room full of boys surprised to find these two sassy girls. When I asked Lydia about what she would do if any of them harassed her, she calmly replied, ”Cross me once, and I’ll tase you twice.”

She’ll be just fine.