Big Sky last day

We had some cleanliness issues with the hotel this week. Jack left this note behind the curtain for the next customers. Totally his idea, but I didn’t stop him.

They also left their signature “pillow person” in the bed.

Big Sky Day 4

The best hot chocolate

I got a text from Carl. “Oh my gosh. I just sent these two hooligans out on a real mountain armed with radios.”

Big Sky Day 3

The view from the lodge. The view from breakfast.

The view from the base.

They did their first black diamond on their own, without dad, and survived. They’re progressing so quickly.

Big Sky Day 2 (evening)

Tonight was a great experience meeting the pro skiers. They were super cool with the kids, answered lots of questions, and we’re just generally great people to us.

The kid on the end is also Kai Jones’s best friend and a pro mountain biker. They actually tried to FaceTime him, Tim Durchi, and Todd Jones to introduce us, but they were all out of range. Basically, kind people.

Hope to connect again in April

Big Sky Day 2

It started out with an amazing breakfast at the Huntly Lodge. They officially are black diamond skiers. They were able to meet up with the Ski Patrol dogs. Dinner out.