After Photos

Seriously could have never gotten this done this week without Lydia’s help. She is a trooper!!I got my Great Grandma and Grandpa Lieser’s couches that they bought in 1947. I love how small they are because they make the room feel big. Added bonus was that I also got 3 blankets she made.

Before pictures

Lydia and I were crazy this week. We painted the school room, living room, front entry, and hallways up and main floor. It was a very good thing that I was 5’7 because I wouldn’t have been able to reach the ceiling edge if I wasn’t.


Carl drove 12 kids to camp this week. He said they were fantastic on the drive.

3 big girls and myself drove to my Grandpa’s auction today. Regina met Grandpa Lieser for the first time. He is excited to become a Great Great Grandpa once her baby is born.