Thursday part 1

Today was a big big day.

Carl was able to take the 5 bigs rafting.

Because the water level is 2850, Max was too young to be able to go. We went on a morning date around BV. He was so proud buying a Noah’s hat.


We started the day with a hike up Whipple trail. We noted that Titus lead most of the way. If you know our family stories, you will know how we joke that we need a Titus pusher because he dawdles and dreams. Not today!

Jack was in the rear because he would stop and admire the beauty all around.

Lunch at Simple Eatery

Afternoon naps

Cottonwood Pass

mCottonwood Lake


We visited Masterpiece Cake Shop this morning before our adventure to the mountains. We also met up with Jeff Hunt, a former guide with Carl at Noah’s Ark.

Jack Phillips is the most humble man you could ever meet. We love his family and pray for them.

We made a stop for lunch at a lake we’ve never been before.

We made a stop along the Arkansas River.

We walked around town to check out all our future options to eat out. We stopped at park along the way.

Colorado here we come

We were up at 3am and on the road by 3:45. We try to make the gas stops fun.

Titus asked for Chick-Fil-A for supper. Pool fun!!

Happy Birthday Silas and Titus

We didn’t get any birthday pictures this year. On their birthday on Sunday, we were at the lake with their cousins. They wanted their friends to come over to play nerf war and air soft and last night was the first night that worked. They all came in hot sweaty messes with big smiles on their faces.