Larsen rule 3,798

For the love of all things… please do not leave the toilet paper roll empty in my bathroom. o

Titus’ weekend in DC

It was Titus’ turn to travel to DC with Carl for work. We’ve been so blessed with work any weekend that Carl is able and the bonus is that he can take a kid with him.

Food is the love language of my middle child.

He loves to eat.

We love to watch him eat.

His first flight as a big kid he was able to have Carl’s first class upgraded ticket. Plus the pilots made a big fuss for him too.


Last day of flag football was on Thursday. The coach asked the parents to join. I was the only one to do so. It took me a bit to convince the boys that I could throw and catch. It was great fun to get hot and sweaty with my boys.

Max got to skip out of workbooks for the last day of school and go flying with Grandpa.

Red Robin was the celebration meal for the last day of school. We played 10 rounds of telephone around the table.

We enjoyed a beautiful Friday night at the lake. We were able to put out the raft.

First job

Titus has his first paying summer job. I’m so proud of him and he did a great job.