Lydia can’t get enough snuggles with her Nana.

Dad of the year

Carl is helping the kids build the best snow fort ever. We will probably still have remnants of it in June, but many memories will be made.

Not broken (we think)

Adie got good news yesterday that they don’t think her arm is broken. It could still be on the growth plate but they cannot tell with the X-ray. For now, she will wear her brace for the next couple of weeks and see how it feels.

Girl Talk

Every Wednesday night Grace, Lydia and I are working through the book, Girl Talk by Carolyn Mahaney. A couple weeks back we were chatting about the definition of obedience. I asked Lydia what she thought. “True obedience is doing it right away without a pissy attitude.”

This girl cracks me up because she said it with a straight face. And she was right.

Never Dull

We are pretty sure we have a broken radius around here. Off to orthopedics on Monday to confirm. I think we should start bubble wrapping our kids.