Jack Quote

We were talking about mammals on the way to drop the girls off at small Group when I hear Jack from the back, “Hey, wait, am I still a mammal even though I don’t give milk and can’t birth?”


We were reading a Berestain Bear book about Momma and Papa going on a honeymoon. I look at Jack and Titus and ask, “Do you guys know what a honeymoon is?”

Titus, “I think that’s when you eat pizza.”

Jack gave me a confused looked and said, “It’s going to London?”

Titus: “Where’s London? Is that a real place?”

Me: “Oh Titus! Yes, London is in England.”

She finished

I’m always so impressed with my kids and the skills that God gives each of them and how they run and persevere with each skill. This was her very first project. Seriously, I never could even make a washcloth.

Lovely days

It’s a breath of air to have temps above freezing these past two days.

Jack had a special date with Carl to Powder Ridge. This kid eats, sleeps and dreams skiing.

This girl

She amazes me with her skills. She self taught how to knit and now she is making a hat. I love her desire to find projects. She’s rarely bored because creating beauty can never be confined. There is always some new craft or skill just waiting to be learned.