“Man, this was an intense game!”

Me: aren’t you playing yourself?



Dreaming of warmer weather

These three hooligans decided to pretend it was warm out. Jack said, “We’re actually suntanning on a winter day!” They crack me up. Only 1 spilled glass of orange juice.

Grace did a trial run for a recipe for her baking class on Thursday.

Saudi Night at SCSU

We had a great night learning about Saudi Arabia with our friends and eating amazing food. I love making the world a smaller place.

Titus, Jack and Ava went up to answer some questions and earned some prizes.

Soniya joined us for the evening too!

Happy 11th Birthday Adie

Adie is our full of life, always know what’s she’s feeling kind of kid.

It was a fantastic day for her!

Cousins, Nana and Aunt Stacey came for a Fuji lunch.

She found out that she has the role of Chip in Beauty and the Beast.

Friends came for an amazing birthday party complete with Chicken Alfredo and The Birthday Cake.