Creative messes

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when my house starts to look like this.  At least they were joyful for the most part. 


  1. I got about 15 minutes of hard working before complete meltdown. Hey…it’s the best day in weeks.


One never knows what you will come home to with Jack.


Grace really wanted to go shopping so we went again this year. Adie brings so spice our adventures. The conversations were hilarious.

Sushi night with Kenji and Greg.


So much to be grateful for with family and friends around the table.

Jack and Titus participated in the annual Wishbone 1k run.

Then all the kids cheered at the 5k runners going past our house.

We had two new countries to scratch off the map: Venezuela and Burkina Faso. We had a lively conversation around the table that was so diverse because of the cultures represented.

And of course, I sat down and this is what happened.

We ended the day with a game of Balderdash with Grandpa and Grandma.