Cabin fun

We spent Friday and Saturday at the lake. Many friends came and went. Even though the weather was chilly, we all had a great time.  

Max and Jack were very proud of the large weed that they found. 

The new heat registers skunked us. 3 dudes couldn’t figure it out. Time to hire an electrician. 63 degrees and tubing….burrrAdie and Beth before/after

Hamed and his family

Great way to end the day. 

Happy 37th Birthday Carl

Grace made her amazing chocolate ganache cake. Max gave him some of his old toys. Silas bought coffee. Titus gave a ton of coupons for back and feet rubs. 

In the evening, we celebrated with our great friends. 

I am so wonderfully blessed to be married to Carl. Words fail me as to the depth and breadth of my love for him. He is a great man. 

Creative fun

Lydia and Adie have been creating a city  in the old garden this week. It’s been fun to watch them come in all grubby from playing. 

They found a big bull frog in the backyard. 

Finally the pool opened

It was a balmy 70 degrees yesterday and they were convinced they needed to go swimming. I wore pants and a jacket. 

Larsen’s in the big city

We took a little adventure to visit one of our adopted international students. Syntyche made us food from west Africa. Oh my goodness, it was amazing. 

My kids were so loud, I thought we were in Africa.