Wall photos

We took our wall photos yesterday. Here is a sneak peek. I love these crazy loud kids. 

Gift exchange 

It has started – exchanging names between the siblings. Max has his present all ready to go. 

Fancy meal

My kids love a fancy meal. 

Fancy meal equal candles and a table cloth. Since it is so easy, I really should let them do this more often. 

Thankful ful day

Thanksgiving was a great day. 

We started out with 1k Gobble trot at the local YMCA. The kids did great. 

Prepping for the big meal. Lefse was a hit with all our Saudi Arabian friends who joined us. 

Games, playing outside and a movie rounded out the afternoon and evening. 

Jack was super proud that he is even with my Aunt Sharon. She is such a good sport. 

At late into the evening Anne, Grace and myself did a little Black Friday Shopping. I don’t think I’ve ever gone shopping on this day before but I love them so I went. 


I come home from exercise class to find these two happily making Lefse in the kitchen. Seriously, how did they get so big that they could do this all by themselves? I’m one blessed momma. Not only can I leave them in charge of the tribe so that I can get one hour of therapy but they also do something extra. I’m so proud of the beautiful girls.