Awesome Grace

Grace let these three hooligans in the kitchen to help make maple bacon cupcakes. They were so proud of their creations. 

Saturday clean up

Jared and Victoria came over on Saturday afternoon to help us with yard work. It was a beautiful day to be outside.  

Since the girls were gone with Carl in California we made a little run to Dutch Maid.  

Life schooling

Max is proud of the skills he is learning.  

Silas teaching

Silas tried to teach baby Noah how to crawl yesterday. He’d get him up on all fours and then flop down baby Noah would go. 

 Since we don’t have any more babies around here, Noah was the main attraction.  I know my girls are secretly hoping to babysit him again. 

Big Mommy Mistake

Jack had a haircut yesterday. He wanted to “take the poof off.” Well, long story short, I took too much off. 

My oh my! I’ve never met a boy so concerned about his hair. He cried all morning thinking that he was going to be teased. Mind you, I took maybe an inch off, more than likely less than that.  

Daddy came and saved the day. He took Jack out for tacos and had a little man to man talk. 

Food makes bad haircuts better.