Ski girl


Adie is off to Utah

Grandpa and Grandma took Adie along with a few of her cousins to go skiing. She is very excited. 

Her two youngest brothers desperately wanted to go with. Jack did his math homework while jumping in the gear.  

And Max walked around the house most of the morning looking like his Daddy in old school photos. 


Life Stories

Last night I had Jack and Max alone while the other kids went to unicycling. 

We told their life stories together. They would fill in details that I didn’t say this time. 

It was a sweet tender moment. 


Happy Resurrection Sunday

I love when God gives me little tastes of heaven.  

 Countries represented: Brazil, Cameroon, China, Malaysia, Mali, Saudia Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Togo, Turkey and United States. 

One of my favorite things

Napping with Max is one of my favorite things.

He won’t do this forever and one day there will be a last nap together.  I hope that I can remember it and I don’t rush on with my day and forget the last.