Let’s go fly a kite 

I don’t know if today’s activity was a Pinterest fail or success. 

5/6 whined the whole way through the making process. 

3/6 cried or bawled during portions of it. 

I almost lost my manners trying to help them all. 

In the end, they all thought it was pretty fun. 



Don’t we all need a reset every once in awhile.

The books in the Larsen home needed a reset. It was out of control. Books shoved on the shelves every which way. The boys had a full laundry basket worth of books under their beds. And it took us way to long to find, “Are You My Mother?” this morning for school.

We ended up taking one bookshelf from the girls’ room and moved another to make a book nook.

I love it.

I know it won’t stay this way because we have lots of little people who love to read. It’s a mighty good problem to have.


At lunch today the kids were teasing Grace about getting married.  She’s been a good sport through it all.  I don’t know if Ezra or Isaac have any clue that the Larsen children are planning their lives for one of them.

Well we got on the topic of some of them could get married in the same year, and then Carl jumped on the marriage train and purposed that some of them should get married on the same day: save money and time.  The conversation then took a turn on how do you save money at a wedding?  Maybe they could forgo the embossed napkins, expensive food and then Adie offered the idea of buying your dress at Goodwill.

Why yes, that is a good idea.

Crack. me. up.

That’s my girl!

Max quote

In our family bible reading we are in 1 Chronicles and are at the part where David is handing over all of his wealth to Solomon to build the temple of the Lord.  We started calculating what the gold is worth today and came up with over 2 trillion dollars.  The kids started talking about if they had all the money in the world like Solomon did, when Max pipes up and says, “If I had all the money in the world, (pause) I would buy lollipops and a bucket.”

Chess Tournament

Silas and Titus won first and second place at a local chess tournament. 

They had to face each other for the title of first place – Silas won this year. 

Great job boys! We are so proud of you.