So I asked Silas to answer these questions about me.

1.  What is something I say a lot?   “Silas stop!”

2. What makes me happy? “Getting your back scratched.”

3. What makes me sad? “When you don’t get your way.”

4. How tall am I? 5’7

5. How old am I? 37

6.  What’s my favorite thing to do? Watch movies with Dad

7. What makes me proud of you? When I’m not annoying my sisters and I’m trying to be helpful

8. What’s my favorite food? A juicy hamburger from Applebee’s

9.  Do I have a favorite child? Yes, me

10.  If I could go anywhere, where would it be? Moscow, Russia

11. Could you live without me? Probably, 96 hours. I would watch TV and eat junk food.

12.  What’s my favorite song? Christ Alone

13.  How do you annoy me? When I do this –(he then proceed to flop on me.)

14.  What’s my favorite movie? That movie they swear so much…(he couldn’t think of the title The Fundamentals of Caring. )

15. Who is my best friend? Dad

16. Where was I born? Sauk Centre

17.  What is my favorite TV show? That’s a hard one can we come back

18. What scares me? When I think the kids will not go to heaven

19. Who do I have a crush on? Dad

20. How do you describe me? Just like me – everything I am – that’s a high praise mom