If you spend any time with us, you will know about the question of the meal.

The other day I bought a box of plums. One of them was very interesting.

So, tonight’s question of the meal was, ” What does this plum look like to you?” Said with a very straight face.Come on no laughing.

Jack: a dog’s nose

Titus: BB-8 from Star Wars

Max: Lion poop

Silas: laughing and giggling but won’t say anything

Adie: Lion nuts. (Laughter erupts)

Lydia: “same thing as Adie”

Grace: (uncontrollable giggling)

Adie now has us all rolling at the table. Then she says, “I can show you the book on how I know that!” Off she ran to the bookshelf.

Max later on told me that was the same picture he was thinking about. He thought that was poop coming out. Oh my word, I about peed my pants.

God is so very creative. I love my kids.