Dr office

And some days, I realized that maybe just maybe they are getting it.

Jack helped Ava with her math without even being asked.

Portable Vision Art Show

Lydia has been working every Tuesday night on her art piece. It was fun to come and see her shine.

Mismatch Day

Big sister Lydia rocked helping these two with their outfits for Calvary Kids Club.

Great new friends

We love when new people come to sign the table. We can’t wait to have the Carlsons back up for another fun packed night.


Lydia, Adie and Max got to tag along with Carl to DC last weekend. Many adventures were had.


Some days are just plain hard.

With that being said, I had to use the toilet plunger to close a window. I never thought I would do that in my parenting career.

My bedroom windows are broken. They can open, but don’t shut all the way. Yes, I know we should replace them but we’ve spent 10k on teeth this year, so no windows.

My three youngest unnamed children were playing in my room which they know is a big no no. One of them thought it would be a good idea to open the window and holler at Adie. And guess what? They then couldn’t close the window.

I was not happy.

I had no idea what do until the lightbulb went off…we have two new plungers that Carl needed to remove a computer screen. I stuck the plunger to the window and walla …it worked. Jack sighed a sigh of relief because this was a second story window.

Adie later reminded me how silly I must have looked to people passing by. She did a goofy little impression of me and had us laughing.

2 boys

This afternoon I only had two boys home, which never happens. We ran our errands and I treated them to Texas Roadhouse. They licked their plates clean.

Jack quote, ”Oh my goodness, this is sooooo good!”

Walking boot

Lucky for us, we were able to get a walking boot instead of a cast. His sensory issues with the cast were about to send me to the nut house.