Jack hates Cheerios.

He despies them.

Can’t stand the smell or even the sight of the box and he is very vocal in letting us know this crazy quirk. So much so, that no one can handle it anymore, especially Carl.

A couple days ago, Carl threatened that Jack would have to eat a bowl of Cheerios if he heard anymore.

That threat came to fruition this afternoon.

Jack lost his mind this morning; screaming, wailing, door slamming, things flying.

Oh boy…

He lasted until 2 pm without eating anything. Then he humbly ate his bowl of cheerios and apologize.

Whew…new morning mercies for him tomorrow..

Last day of CC

We had an awesome science lesson today on contractions, labor and delivery. We used balloons and ping pong balls. I think this was a lesson that they will be talking about when they all have their first babies.


We have an amazing art teacher. My kids are so blessed. I love hearing all the stories from class.

International night

Students made food this evening for people of the community.


Tasha is loved so much. We are so grateful her momma chose life.

Face palm

Jack quote: Don’t teach me how to empty the vacuum cleaner because then I’m going to be expected to do it.

Yes!! I’m glad you know that once I teach you something you rise up in your level of responsibility. Now, only if you would be eager to learn. It is my prayer that someday you will.


Grace broke out her sandals yesterday. She is my girl who would love one week of winter. I’m guessing she will be living someplace warm when she moves out.

5k Pot of Gold

We all had a great time this morning. Met up with the Schneider zoo and came back home for brunch. Kenji and Greg came up for the race too.


(hat courtesy of Lydia)