Date night

I never want the quiet one to feel as if she is never heard. So a surprise date night happened tonight.


We survived our first day of our homeschool co-op. Started the morning man handling a 7 year old into the van with all sorts of ailments, but really just scared of the unknown with a new building.

I’m teaching a public speaking course disguised as a Lego class.


She’s a hard worker. She took it upon herself to pick all the apples off the tree before they fell off and made a mess.

At soccer today with one of her Besties.

This kid found a Cecropia Moth caterpillar- our latest pet. They grow to be the largest moth in North America- 5-6 inch wingspan. #lifeschool

I love a good new system.

Adie is saucing with Miracle and Julia.

Ranch fun

Christmas as the ranch.

39 and counting

I had a great birthday because it was date night. I am loved and cherished by this man which makes me flourish.

Max was a little pickle all day so I asked if he would take one more little nap with me. Here we are pretending to be asleep.


Big sister, little sister

Be still my heart because it was only a few short years ago when they played together all the time. They don’t know life without each other and it’s sweet to see their personalities compliment one another. Last night they played legos after everyone else went to bed.

Pressing in

This week marked a first for all of us.  Silas started school at Calvary Classical Academy.  It has been a long journey with a long summer of unknowns.  To be honest, it has been a hard summer, but a refining one. I think this is going to be a great fit and it will be a place where he can thrive.

As a parent now of middle schoolers and high schoolers, I need to tread lightly as to what I share and do not share.  Life is funnier when they are two eating sticks of butter and destroying my makeup, not so much when you are wrestling with the depths of trauma.  In the same breath, I want to share where we are at with life so that we can remember all the obstacles that we have overcome.  I firmly believe that Jesus came to redeem and restore and we will outlast and out enjoy anything that Satan is going to throw our way.

No matter where you are on your journey,

God is able,

He is faithful,

Nothing I can do or not do will change his opinion of me,

And lastly, today doesn’t surprise him – His grace will meet me and he will sustain.