Last minute adventure

Carl, Jack, Grandpa and Grandma took a last minute adventure to Utah for Carl to get enough miles to move up a level with his status at Delta.


Standardized testing.

I hate it. It’s mandatory for homeschool kids, but you can opt out if you attend public school.

It creates such fears and phobias in some of my children.

But we press on…and fall asleep mid test.

Late nights

It’s a joy to see all of them on my bed.

Grace quote

“When I have my nails painted, I feel like an unstoppable human being!”

MSP with Grace

A fun day in the cities with my city girl. We met up with Syntyche for a fancy meal at Spoon & Stable followed by last minute tickets to A Christmas Carol at the Guthrie.

United We Create

Lydia is a part of a youth mentorship program at Youth for Christ. It has been so life giving for her. I feel like she found her place here and it is amazing to watch her blossom and grow.

She could not make it to the art show because she was in Big Sky, but she made sure she was there.

Big Sky Montana

I don’t know who is more giddy, Carl or the kids.

Early mornings

This is what it looks like to be a grandma. Early morning snuggles when mommy needs to be at work…priceless.