Family kickball

We’ve been walking down to Whitney Park for a family game of kickball. 


They begged for pictures. 

Lego Lydia

Lydia made a scale model of our house with Legos and entered it in the open class county fair. She won Grand Champion! To say it was amazing is an understatement. She spent hours upon hours creating this masterpiece. Each level is fully independent.  I’m so proud of her stick to it attitude when getting to the end and needing a few more pieces. She was even telling us tonight that sometimes she even thinks in Lego and when she’s not doing anything she builds in her head. Her dream job would be a master builder with Lego. 

Quick stop

Nana and Papa stopped in for a quick visit this morning. They brought Sauk Centre bakery doughnuts. Oh mercy, it’s so hard not to sit down and stuff my face. 

Jack showed Papa his bow.  

Titus and Nana matched.

Lydia is getting so tall. 

Kayaking the Sauk and Mississippi rivers

My first time in a kayak on a river with the boys happened last Monday. It was one of those beautiful August days, sun shinning with super warm river water. 

My favorite part was listening to Max telling himself to keep paddling when we would go through little rapids. 

First wedding

Grace made cupcakes for a friend’s wedding. I was so proud of her; 4 varieties for a total of 20 dozen. 

Instant replay

Every catch, every wild move he makes becomes an instant replay. Jack is always ready to tell me again what I just saw. 

Life skills for Jack and Max


Climbing with friends at the YMCA. We are looking forward to getting a membership.