3 point laugh

The other day Adie cut a rabbit out of a magazine and left it on the toilet paper roll. It got put on the wet counter and thrown away.

Yesterday, I came home from a long hard day. I sat down on the toilet and looked over to find this. I was later told it was a girl. “Duh mom…hair bow.”

I stood up to wash my hands to find this.

By this time I had an audible chuckle. Only to turn around to walk out to see this.

She makes us laugh.


When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. This has been the hardest week in my whole life. A nightmare doesn’t even begin to describe it. But in the midst of it all, Carl and I got in a microdate. This man helps me to be brave. He guards and protects me. He lays down his life for me. Satan comes to seek and destroy but he will not win. The story doesn’t end that way. And because of that, I can close my eyes tonight knowing that tomorrow doesn’t surprise him. He will lead our paths. #bettertogether


Creating joy in the little moments


I love how they look at each other.


Someday they will look back and say, ”Remember when we all matched in our $2 outfits…”