Quick treat

We had a few extra minutes before she needed to be at a babysitting job, so we snuck into Jules’ and got a treat.

Lydia is a super content kid and it is hard to find ways to treat her.

We love the beautiful woman that she is becoming.


We organized 26 people to go to Alladin on Tuesday night. It was a hoot to have a big chunk of the movie theater filled with our peeps. At one point, I leaned over to Carl and said, “Do you realize we are in charge of 18 kids?”

Summer has come

Elizabeth and I dropped our kiddos off for a track camp at Cathedral for 45 minutes. We had enough time to walk to a coffee shop and back. I must admit, it’s a little weird for a homeschool momma drop off my kids to an event because most homeschool things, parents must be present. Cheers to summer!!

Hedtke Wedding

We were so delighted to be invited to Clint and Victoria’s wedding.

9th Annual Garage Sale

Many many hands made the sale happen this week. I’m do excited to announce that we made $6,639.20…all for Anna Marie’s!

Cousin fun

Our Montana Cousins came for a visit.


Friends and family at the lake made for great weekend.