Day 5 pt 2

Instead of helping Titus up, Dan took a picture instead. Bravo Dan!! He’s the best honorary uncle ever!

The whole crew

Big Sky Day 5

It was an amazing last day for everyone. Adie wants to someday be the Ski Patrol with a dog.

Big Sky Day 4

Grace and I got salads at Jule’s Bistro today.

Big Sky, Mt Day 1

Titus quote: I’m going to name my kid Waldo. That way, if he ever gets lost, everyone will help find him.

Carl: what can be better than skiing?

Titus: (instantly) Eating!

Jack quote

I hate math.

Well, I hate Cheerios more than math.

7.3 mile walk

We started out with the plan of bridge to bridge, which then turned into “Let’s make it 6 miles!” But we couldn’t stop there, so we added another mile!