Baptism Sunday

We are so proud of Jack and Grace. They decided to be baptized this past Sunday. It’s a joy and delight to watch them grow in the Lord.

Snow, snow, snow

It looks like we got about a foot of snow the past couple of days. What? It’s April and it’s the most snow on the ground all year. Max made the most of it.


Carl’s text to a friend tonight.

The girls twisted Angel’s arm and are watching another episode of this is us. I’m pretty sure this is the only thing that Angel has ever watched twice in her life.

The girls are addicted. Good conversations are being had in our home and I’m looking forward to other topics that this show will bring up.

My little man

He wanted a new picture of us together. I think he wants me to change my background on my phone to this picture.

Resurrection Sunday

52 people were here to share a meal and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. It was a great morning/afternoon. We missed Carl this year because he was in D.C. working.

Nepal night

And of course Soniya is our favorite Nepalese student on Campus.

Adie made cookies

Aide made cookies for the cast of Beauty and the Beast.


Grandpa took Jack and Max on an adventure this morning for their school time. We are blessed to have such opportunities.