Indoor camping

Micah is sleeping over and the boys wanted to make memories. Silas set up the tent in the basement and instantly there are memories to be made.

Community Group

We love our people.

The one’s who know our faults and love us, pray for us and point us to Jesus.

Life is rich.

Fancy meal

Tonight we had a fancy meal. The kids even asked me to put on a fancy dress. It is fun to take the everyday normal and spice it up a little.


Beautiful Lydia got her braces off this week.

River Training

Carl took the kids to play in the Sauk River. He is such a fun Dad ready for an adventure.

After Photos

Seriously could have never gotten this done this week without Lydia’s help. She is a trooper!!I got my Great Grandma and Grandpa Lieser’s couches that they bought in 1947. I love how small they are because they make the room feel big. Added bonus was that I also got 3 blankets she made.