Calvary Cleaning Club

Once a month we gather to help someone in need. It’s the mantra that many hands make a light load. Monday night we gathered to clean a house of one of our dear members who sold their home to our Youth Pastor and his family. I love that two small groups of highschool girls came. Intergenerational community is my favorite way to love big.

Here is the group working hard!

And so it begins….

Tuesday was my first night as bring a soccer mom on the sidelines. Titus did great on his first game with SCCS warriors.

Life together

Today was full.

Full of life, laughter, stories shared, games played and food eaten.

We came home with a few extra people from church to start out The Gathering. We actually needed the extra 2 seats but found rides for the others.

The girls and I make a great team in making a yummy meal.


We made 60 lbs of breakfast sausage patties today. Good life experience…I’m sure we will do this again.

Weekend with Dad

It was my annual weekend at the cabin and Carl becomes the coolest dad in the world.

This was the only picture I have from the weekend to prove I actually went swimming.



Adie and Miracle


”I’m doing something dangerous,” said Max. He was pretty proud of his job.

Max: I’m putting a drizzle of cheese on this.

Jack: I’m putting a butt load on mine.

Jack’s face with goofball island for the brain.

Jack and Max learning how to be camera operators.

Adie took out her friend, Miracle, for a treat for watching her hamster when we were on vacation.

Little humans

They were so resourceful yesterday morning. They taped a plastic bowl to the screen and watched the insect.