Max came into my room sometime in the middle of the night scared from bad dreams. I told him to grab some blankets and sleep on the floor, but that wasn’t good enough. He NEEDED to sleep in MY bed. It was a wrestling match all night long for the covers and space in the bed. When I rolled over in the morning, I laughed aloud. Carl and Max even sleep the same.

He loves dressing the same today too!

Date night to celebrate

We made it to the end of a great week, so it time to celebrate. We took a stroll over the bridge to Old Capital and enjoyed a great meal served by our favorite waitress Brenda. She even treated us to S’more cheesecake. Then friends picked us up and we went to the art crawl downtown. Super fun time….pretty much running into everyone that we know. It was a great way to spend the evening. I love my husband. And now I’m going to love going to bed.

Theater Camp

Adie had theater camp this week. She was Mary Poppins. It is always so delightful to watch her on stage.

Big week

Garage sale week was a great success with raising just shy of $6,000. Many hands made a lot of money to bless a widowed mom of 4 children in our church family.

Lovely date night

Thursday nights are sacred guarded time to invest in my marriage. The first 10 years of our marriage it was much harder to do date night(and we couldn’t afford a sitter) but we did have our evenings after we put kids to bed. Now we have early risers and night owls which leaves very little “us” time. It is always one of the highlights of my week. Time to connect, talk about life -the ups and downs, to encourage one another and to speak the gospel over our marriage and life. I love my husband. #bettertogether

Larsen rule 3,798

For the love of all things… please do not leave the toilet paper roll empty in my bathroom. o

Titus’ weekend in DC

It was Titus’ turn to travel to DC with Carl for work. We’ve been so blessed with work any weekend that Carl is able and the bonus is that he can take a kid with him.

Food is the love language of my middle child.

He loves to eat.

We love to watch him eat.

His first flight as a big kid he was able to have Carl’s first class upgraded ticket. Plus the pilots made a big fuss for him too.