River Fun

These crazy kids are in the freezing cold river. The begged and begged to go swimming in the river. So here we are in the middle of May and I have kids in the river.

Bike ride and Bible

I admire how intentional he is with our children. They each something special and different from him and he rises to the calling. Carl is a great father.

Free Sale

A couple of weeks ago, once I realized that there was no way we could hold the Calvary Garage Sale, the Holy Spirit whispered that I should give it all away in my driveway.

Free Sale- everything is really free

It was really fun watching people come up and realize they did read the signs correctly. I even had a few people say that they should have a free sale themselves. I was left with one garbage bag of things. Amazing!!

Biking adventure

The three of them went to the boy scout bridge and biked for 45 min on some trails on the other side of Sauk River. They came back all smiles.

4-wheeler training

Their big siblings were watching the Hunger Games, so we took the boys to drive 4-wheeler at Grandpa‚Äôs house. Life is so colorful with him. I’d go anywhere and do anything with him.