New Skill

Yesterday I learned a new skill, driving the boat. I had never driven a boat before. It was a beautiful day to learn as we brought it in for the summer. Next summer I’m going to drive all the time. It was a blast.

Grace Quote

My new shoes….

Grace said, “Mom, your outfit is okay, but the shoes look like a homeschool mom with a denim jumper.”

“Ummm…sweetie, no homeschool mom would wear these shoes with a jumper. It would be white tennis shoes.”

I love my daughter. I just might need to buy a denim jumper to wear with these shoes.

Heidi’s Birthday

Heidi is a woman from our church who has a big smile and an even bigger heart. She faithfully volunteers at the Calvary Garage Sale every summer and this year helped with VBS which was a huge highlight for her.

We had her over about six months ago when we found out that she hadn’t had a birthday party since she was a little girl. She asked if we would have one for her and we said, “Yes, of course, when your birthday?”

“October 5th,” was her reply.

We put it on the calendar and life flew by to the present.

Last night, we packed her roommates, staff and 20 other people into our dining room to celebrate Heidi’s life. It was a little taste of heaven. It’s such an honor to be a part of God’s big story.

Nana visit

We love it when Nana comes. I even went shopping for shoes this afternoon. We haven’t gone out the two of us in years. It was delightful.

Max quote

I asked Max to fill in the blank for me.

“There are 6 groups of……”

“Poison ivy!”

Lego delight

We found another great deal for Legos today on Craigslist. The girls bought this organized 3 stack bundle plus two other bins that were sorted into zip lock bags. Lydia is in heaven. Can you hear the swoosh swoosh of Legos at my house?

Rain and more rain

We went for a bike ride today. My kids are magnets to water. Puddles draw them like some sweet treat.

It started out with riding with their bikes and quickly escalated to running and jumping. Then Silas in one so swift move completely fell in. It was hilarious. Game over…they were all sliding around as if they were gunning for home plate on a steel.


We had a fun day with the cousins on a beautiful fall day. We are looking forward to going back to meet the new cousins. We are praying for Kadi and Selah.


Lydia has entered the ranks of adolescence.


I love potlucks. I really love potlucks. And since it had been 7 years since we had one, we decided why not!