Carl and I had the privilege of being able to attend the 44th March for Life in Washington D.C. last Friday.  It was such an honor to walk among hundreds of thousands of people all rallying for the same thing – Life!

When Carl and I talk about our legacy, we want to teach our children a comprehensive view of life from conception to death.  This means loving our neighbors well.

Who is my neighbor?

It is the exchange student who has lived here in St. Cloud  for years and never been in an American home.

It is the single Dad asking us to help raise his daughter.

It is the single mom who has nowhere to take her children for Christmas Eve.

It is the Vietnam Vet who needs a listening ear in the middle of the night.

It is mom who just had a baby and needs encouragement.

It is helping my friends who adopted out of the foster care system.

It is college students needing to feel connected with something bigger than themselves.

It is working super hard as a family at the Calvary Orphan Ministry Garage Sale in order to send that money to local and international organizations to help support adoption and prevent orphans.

and the list could on and on and it will continue to go on and on as we press into hard places.

This has taken intentionality on our part.  It takes listening to the Holy Spirit and acting on it. I want to live with a world view that loves the Lord my God with all my heart and loves my neighbor as myself.

Will I do this perfectly? No, of course not.  But God’s grace is bigger than my failings and I am grateful for my Father’s lavish love.