I try to remind myself that I don’t homeschool…I life school.

Life school means that every day everywhere we are learning.

Yesterday we had the privilege of having a woman over from church who suffers from Dementia. We actually hope that it will be a weekly or biweekly event to give her husband a little respite care. Now my children are learning how to interact with someone who doesn’t remember their names or maybe even from 10 minutes ago.

They are learning compassion.

They are learning how to ease pain or agitation.

They are learning that sin in this fallen world has created disease.

They are learning that one day, Dori will be restored in heaven where she can dance, run and sing. And Lord willing, we will all be there with her praising Jesus together.

And that my friends means 100 times more to me than if they can ever solve calculus problems.

So, Thank You Ken and Dori for sharing your lives with us and teaching us much much more than what’s in a textbook.