Jack was too scared to listen to Harry Potter tonight on Audible.com so he’s sleeping in my bed. 

It’s always an adventure to go anywhere with my kids, but put them on bikes having to cross 9th Ave amps it up a little. This was my first time taking them on non trails.  Imagine me giving them the line up order to bike down the streets, no passing allowed. They were prepped on when to stop, who got to push the cross walk button and I put the fear of death upon them if they didn’t obey. 

We did great all the way there, not one single issue. On the way home, we have to cross 9th Ave again and bike 50 yards on grass to meet up with the street that runs past our house. Max decides he’s tired and can’t possibly walk nor bike anymore. He gets off his bike, throws it and proceeds to flop on the grass all the while crying that he couldn’t go anymore. 

Well that’s great…3/4 of a mile to go and I have a non compliant kid. God’s stoke of brilliance was given to me. I told Max he could lead the rest of the way home once we got to the sidewalk. 


He was the fastest biker out there and we all made it home with smiles.