Backstory: Carl and I love to scare Grace because honesty, she jumps every time. Just two nights ago, I walked into her room and blessed her sisters goodnight. She was in the closet getting ready. She knew I was in the room. I jumped into the closet and said, “Roar!” Best reaction ever!!

“Mom, if I was a unicorn, I would have pooped a cupcake!”

Now, today we are in the cities dropping off a hard drive at a clients’ business. Grace and Lydia are with us. Carl walks into the bathroom and Grace looks at me and says, “I’m gonna scare Dad when he comes out!”

Couple of minutes later, the door opens and Grace jumps out, BUT it’s not her father but someone who works for the organization. She scared a poor random guy.

I am still laughing about this and it’s been a couple of hours!!!

She was mighty embarrassed. It was awesome.