This year I didn’t have it in me to write our the Christmas letter, thus I did the highlights page.  But late one night, Grace decided that she was going to write the extended form.  I think next year, I will just have her write the whole thing.


Larsen Christmas Letter (A little late.)

Greetings from the Larsen Family! It is hard to believe that 2015 is almost over.

Carl is still working as a video producer for his own company, and went on many business trips including, one in June to Washington D.C. in which he took his two eldest daughters with him. (They stayed a day late, and left a day early so that they could see the monuments and visit some of the Smithsonian.)

Angel still stays at home, but she is accomplishing the almost impossible feat of homeschooling seven children and running the household.

Grace, (12) is one of the big helpers around the house. You can find her snuggled on the couch reading a good book or baking in the kitchen. She also has turned into a young lady who you is exploring the world of fashion, pop music/culture and make-up. Her highlights of the year included going to Washington D.C. with her dad and sister Lydia, going to a retreat with her youth group, and volunteering at the Calvary Garage Sale.

Lydia,(11) is the quiet one in the family. You can find her sewing up a storm, listening to audio books and playing with legos. Her highlights of the year included a trip to Washington D.C. with her dad and her sister Grace, going to Nana and Papa’s house during calving season and going to Bible Camp.

Adie, is our spunky 8 year old who enjoys playing with legos, listening to audio books, playing the piano, playing with her brothers, spending time with the family pets and playing outside. Her highlights of the year included participating in a talent show at the local county fair, going to bible camp, getting pet hamster who she named Willow, and riding her unicycle in the local parades with the Ringsmuth riders.

Silas (8) is our World War 2 fanatic. He enjoys wrestling with his brothers, listening to audio books,  and kayaking down the Sauk River with his dad. His highlights of the year included deer hunting in Brainerd MN, going camping at Itasca State Park, and learning how to kayak.

Titus, (8) is our math enthusiast. You can find him playing with his brothers, or beating someone in an intense game of chess. His highlights of the year included going to Grandma and Grandpa’s ranch, going on a vacation to Wausau WI, and going to Nana and Papa’s ranch over labor day weekend for Christmas.

Jack,(5) is the biggest fan of Marvel Movies, Star Wars, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You can find him wearing his black long underwear pretending to be a ninja turtle, giving the best hugs in the world, and pretending to be a superhero. (Obviously he beats all the bad guys.) His highlights of the year were going to Caterpillar Camp, going to Nana and Papa’s ranch over labor day weekend for ‘christmas’, and decorating for Christmas.

Max (4) is our cuddly boy. Like Jack he also has routine clothing but instead of long underwear, he wears pajamas. He wears his pajama’s everywhere this includes church, the grocery store, and homeschool co-op. He enjoys playing with his brothers, looking at picture books, playing outside and taking naps with mom. His highlights of the year included going to parades and getting candy, going to Caterpillar Camp, and roasting marshmallows over a campfire.