Friday was the last day of the garage sale.  To end the very full week, we went to a graduation party in the evening.  We came home and the boys were out in the back yard hitting a whiffle ball with a golf club.  Not even 15 minutes later, Silas comes screaming into the house saying he accidentally hit Titus with the golf club.  I jumped up to meet a sobbing  Titus on the deck with blood streaming out of his face.  One look at the gash on his cheek and I knew that this wasn’t a home repair.

Praise Jesus I have older children who can babysit because I couldn’t imagine having to load 8 children up to go to the clinic. (Carl was working in the cities for the day.)  One the way there Titus was more concerned about if he was going to get a shot or not than his actually cut on this face.  I assured him that he would be taken care of and they would help it to be as smooth as possible.  He didn’t want a scar either.  As we got out of the van, I had a stroke of brilliance.  “Titus, I will give you $10 dollars if you don’t scream and loose your mind when we go in.  I need you to pull it together and be brave.”


He stopped crying and pulled it together.  Hardly a whimper from that moment on.

I held his hand the entire time.  I was so tired that I was yawning the whole time.  The doctor kept asking me if I was going to faint.  I had to reassure him that I was only tired from my huge week.  Apparently excessive yawning is a precursor to fainting.  I learn new things everyday.

He was champ and wanted to get home.

When you get hit by a golf club, you get to sleep on my floor.  He was happy camper about that.

Life lessons for today –

1. Stand back farther than you think when someone is swinging a golf club

2.  Look before you swing