We went to my hometown on Friday morning to get our taxes done, when I drove up into my parent’s driveway I noticed a few cars from ND. (That means my brother and his wife had come down…flooding in Fargo). When we went in and my sister-in-law had her two sisters and her grandma with. Now being a family girl, I couldn’t just get my taxes done and leave, so we canceled our afternoon hair apts and stayed all day. My girls were in heaven! Adult to child ratio was VERY good in their eyes!

The girls spent the night and I went home to sleep and bring Carl back for the day. We had a blast! There has never been this much estrogen in my house – ever! Growing up with 4 brothers, 2 cousins who lived with us, and there was always a hired hand…my mom and I were always out numbered. We had lunch yesterday and there were 9 females and my brother. Needless to say, he had to “find things to do” outside for the afternoon.

We had a crafty afternoon making bows. I am so excited to be able to take a whole pile with when we go to Ethiopia.


Grace and Lydia putting “love” into the homemade rolls.

Lydia with the finished product.

Adie’s vocabulary has increased 10 fold this week. She is starting to talk in sentences which will hopefully lead to a lot less frustration for my little spit-fire.