Carrie and I took all the kids swimming a couple of days ago in the neighbor’s pool.  The kids had a blast!  You can see the roof of our house through the windows…so that is how close to family we live.  I never would have imagined that we would live this close to family. It is truly a blessing!

She is ready to go!  Granted it did take her 40 minutes to think swimming was fun.

She looks like she could get into a little bit of trouble with those pig tails!  It is a good thing that she is so cute!

We went to the Mall of America yesterday and to the Underwater World.  Grace and Lydia thought it was so cool to see the sting rays and sharks.  Adie didn’t care for it so much – maybe when she is bigger.

We had a few moments in the car…three snoring children is music to my ears!