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Thanksgiving | loved beyond all measure

We have so much to be thankful for this year. Where to even begin?

I am thankful …

we have a microwave so that every time a two year old walks by he/she can start it.

we have a long hallway to race up and down.

my husband works from home so that he can rescue me from chaos.

we have a dishwasher and I have to make rules such as…”You cannot eat anything that falls to onto the door.”

we have medical doctors who know that it is best to lock me into a waiting room with my children than leave me with the general population.

we have an over abundance of bananas so that when we eat 2lbs a day and that is okay.

Clorox wipes. enough said for this one.

my big girls who have learned so much this past week and been willing to help me out.

my triplets…I don’t know how long it will be before I take them out by myself. I am thankful that I have a triple stroller. God must have laughed when I bought that three years ago. He knew that I would need it now more than ever.

we have one bedroom for our children and it is so beautiful to walk into their room and hear them all breathing.

I am thankful for all the laughter that is in our home along with all the spilled milk and messes because it means we have a home and truly live here.

I am thankful for my two year old who prays for her brothers and her own heart at almost every meal.

And most of all, I am thankful I have a savior who died for me and for my sins and that through this next year HIS joy will be my strength.