Our yard was out of control when we purchased the house.  We have be slowly slowly working on reigning it back in.  We have cut down bushes that were trees, pulled out bushes that extended 3 ft beyond the edge border, applied weed and feed to see if there is any grass amongst the weeds, cut down branches, pruned and pruned some more.  We found out that the previous owners dumped about 50 lbs of oats under one of those over grown “shrubs” and now we can’t stop the rampant growth.  We joke that if we can’t get grass to grow we could just scatter the oat seed because it seems to grow extremely well at our house.  I wish I would have taken a before picture because it totally looks different around here.   This week’s goal is to transplant some overgrown hostas, plant some pole beans with the kids, and get a tree trimmer to drop off a load of wood chips.