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Simple things | loved beyond all measure

Sometimes in life, I want things to be simple, easy, no stress. But more often than not, I find that it really isn’t possible.

For example, today I took the four little boys for a bike ride. Not so hard one might think. Strap on their helmets and put them in the carrier and go.

Silas’s bike need the chain put back on.

I had to remember how to attach the trailer to the bike. (Thank goodness we have a Daddy who could double check my work.)

Okay, not so bad. We made it all the way around the park and stopped at a playground for a little romping. Boys really need about 5-6 hours a day of jumping, hitting, banging, running, swinging, swimming, and any other -ing word that has action in it.

We get home and realize that Jack left his shoes at the park. Titus had already ran into the house and I told Silas to go get him so we could trek back to the park. About 10 minutes later, Titus strolls out of the house with untied shoes. What he did in that time, I have no idea.

Off we go again.

But this time Silas’s chain fell off his bike 6 times between home, park and home again. Mas was not happy about the frequent stops because as Jack said it, “I am all done and want out of here.”

All I wanted was a simple bike ride and it turned out to be a mini llama drama. But then again, I should expect it. I shouldn’t be caught off guard anymore, but sometimes I still do.

I was reminded tonight that even what I would consider to be a failure, another person might not. At supper tonight we started a family gratitude journal that we are going to write in each evening. Titus was grateful for our bike ride. Humbling.

And even though he was cranky for 9/10 of that last ride, this is what I opened the back of the trailer to. Yes, sometimes a bike ride can be simple, easy and no stress. (Make sure you don’t let go of the graham cracker because your big brother might eat it while you are sleeping.)