I was talking with some friends last night about responding to my children’s behavior not reacting to it. (We shouldn’t be surprised when are children sin…But I have to admit all too often I am.)

What does this look like?

Well, first if I am responding to their behavior there would be no need to raise my voice, get mad, frustrated or grumpy at them. It means I would look at their actions or lack of them and speak calmly and give appropriate consequences as needed. Simple, right? We all know what reacting to their behavior looks like, but we all have been there.

Wouldn’t it be nice, if I could respond all the time?

Today, I was surprised with a large of amount of sass coming from my eldest child. I didn’t even know what do! Let’s just say she spent a large chunk of the morning sitting and waiting until she felt her heart was ready to say, “Yes to Jesus and No to Satan” and not the other way around.

This was a good lesson for me today because so many times my heart isn’t right and I am focused on things Satan would want to have me focused on…and sometimes those are good things, even godly things, but they take my focus away from Jesus.

So this is a reminder to myself to – Respond don’t React and to say, “Yes to Jesus.”