Are you fighting for your marriage?

Are you actively trying to guard your marriage against Satan’s sneaky attacks?

Are you seeking what is best for your spouse above your work, hobbies and even children?

Pull out the boxing gloves people because you need to fight! I am so terribly saddened by the number of marriages that are failing and falling apart all around me.  I am saddened for the marriages that are in shambles and no one knows except for the two sinners in that marriage.  It breaks my heart to watch men and women become complacent with the status quo and then months later wonder why they are not in love.

Oh my goodness, I want to shout from the roof tops, scream in the streets and honestly run to the front of church and plead with people to wake up and fight.  Satan is destroying marriages right now as I type this.  He wants to destroy families, so he can destroy our country.

Date your spouse.

Serve them.

Love them when they are unlovable.

Forgive them.

Laugh with them.

Join a community of other believers who will ask the hard questions of you and your spouse.

Above all, pray with and for each other and ask God to build a foundation of grace and peace in your marriage.