The baking creations of Grace Larsen are endless. She is always trying something new. She’s creative, fun and inspiring.

Thres Amigas

I love their friendship that they have with each other. There will be giggles way into the night.

Adventure awaits

Yesterday the boys left for a grand adventure to Big Sky, Montanna.

They took two days to get out there but made many memories along the way.

We all agree that Max looks like a little clothing model. Be still my heart.


He is excited to move on to 7th grade Math.

Everything is fancy in his world.

We are grateful when Max takes a nap.

Loving their big sister.


We had the honor and privilege to stand and support  Jack Phillips in the hearing of his case at the Supreme Court.

Like most people in the expressive professions, we work with all people. We just can’t promote all messages. If the First Amendment only protects speech that is popular in its day, then it really doesn’t protect any speech at all.

The reality is that no one wants to be forced to promote messages or have to silence their own speech just because their opinion is unpopular in the eyes of the government or with a certain segment of the culture at any given moment.

Our country’s commitment to protecting inalienable rights – like free speech and free exercise of religion – has shaped unique society where a diverse and pluralistic people can peacefully live together in the midst of their differences. We pray the the court preserves our precious freedoms.

Carl came home early from being in California all week. It was a wonderful surprise for everyone. This evening we went for a walk around a little pond all lit up with lights.

Creative messes

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when my house starts to look like this.  At least they were joyful for the most part. 


  1. I got about 15 minutes of hard working before complete meltdown. Hey…it’s the best day in weeks.