I have had a long week of packing boxes.  It is hard to put all memories into boxes and realize that we have had many “lasts” this week.  Right now I am having breakfast with my girls for the last time at our table in this house.  But with that being said, we are on the verge of many many firsts too.  So on one hand I am very sad and sentimental but in the same breath I am very excited for what God has ahead for us.

The picture below is when you come downstairs to find your 4, 3, and 1 year old having snack. Adie started it all with the dump of the cheerios box.

My brave Gracie got 4 shots on Tuesday for her check up…She didn’t cry at all – not even a whimper!  For her bravery, we all went to the Butterfly House for one last time.


This is what happens when your one year old finds the sharpie marker on top of the dresser.  I am so thankful she did not marker the carpet.  She did manage to get the suitcase and all the diapers in the bag but nothing on the floor!  Praise the Lord!

Well, I am off to meet my mom half way to Sauk Centre because she is going to watch the girls while I finish packing and move on Saturday, Lord willing.  I know they will have a lot more fun with Nana and Papa than they will with Mommy and Daddy this weekend.  Please be praying for smooth transition for us this week and that the Lord will provide for all of our needs and that I don’t let fear creep into my life.