“Mommy cannot meet everyone’s needs at the same time…YOU will just have to wait.”

I must say this 20 times a day and each of my 5 small children hear it frequently. I know they will be hearing it a lot more once the baby arrives. But I keep thinking of that someday when no one will be standing hanging on my leg saying, “Mommmie!” or going “uh…uh…uh..” (You know that whine/grunt that 2 year olds use when they don’t want to use their words.) I know that someday is going to come sooner than I can fathom. It makes me a little sentimental right now.


We were sitting at the lunch table when Carl looks up at them and said, “I love you man.”
To which Silas replies with his finger pointing, “You lay down. Be quiet. No talking.”

Do you think we say that too much at bedtime?