We have been having a problem in our yards with “something” digging up the sod.

Live traps were purchased.

This morning we caught a skunk out my front kitchen window. They like to dig grubs out of the sod in the middle of the night. Up to this point, all the critters (3 skunks and 2 coons) were caught next door. Did you know that 20% of skunks are rabid? Not a good combo with kids playing in our backyard ravine.

NASTY! The really bad part is that is sprayed in my whole house stinks. Hopefully the smell will go away in a day or two.

This morning before all this, I went out with my father-in-law and hubby for a quick plane ride to watch the sunrise. It was beautiful! Now we are off to bake bread and sugar cookies!

Even when I don’t blog much, my life is still completely adventurous!