My sweet little boy turned 1 today! I simply can’t believe that it has been a year already. There are moments when I wish I could freeze time to nuzzle my nose in his sweet baby rolls and throw him up in the air to get belly giggles.

Max, you win the easiest baby award! Sleeping 12 hours at night and still taking two naps. You love to sit in your highchair and watch the chaos. You recently have taken to crawling and love to get into Rez’s water dish. We have been able to keep you away from the basement door, but you did make it to the toilet to play in the water. I see it in your eyes how you long to run and romp with Jack. Someday soon my little one, you will be keeping up with your big brothers. Until then, I am going to capture every moment I can with my baby. Grace was right when she said, “Babies are rare.” You grow up way too quickly and before I know this birthday will be a distant memory.

I love you Max Duane Larsen!