So, we love Jesus but still go trick or treating.  We had this awesome talk this morning in the van about how some people want to worship Satan on this day.  You should have seen Grace and Lydia’s eyes bug open. They couldn’t believe that people would do that.  So, we decided that today and every day  is God’s day and that we should love the people around us.  We prayed over our house and our neighborhood.

Now do you know why I love Halloween?  This is the one time of year that everyone opens their doors and you actually see your neighbors.  (One of our neighbors invited us to a football game at SCSU.  How fun!)  Last year we had a coffee and hot chocolate bar set up in our house and invited everyone in for a hot drink.  It was an awesome way to connect with the neighborhood.  We now live on a street where it is us and the cousins who are the kids on the block.  We actually didn’t get a trick or treater this year.   But that is okay, we will have to do a neighborhood party again sometime.

Grace was a princess…Lydia a dragon…Adie a ladybug

Last weekend we went to the cities and Carl went climbing while I went to the zoo with some friends.  We had a great time and the kids just loved it and can’t wait to go visit their friends again.  We have made it a monthly commitment to hang out and I am truly blessed because of our time together.