For the first time since we were married there were no cavities at the dentist yesterday! And that goes for everyone!

I think I hear the angels rejoicing in heaven right now.

I have had at least one cavity per year and I just couldn’t kick the habit. I think I only had 1 up until I turned 22 and then my mouth decided it needed average out with everyone else.

So, today I am very thankful! It won’t be as big of a bill as I thought it would be.

We are off to the lake today with Grandma and the cousins are going to join us later this afternoon.

I told Silas that we were going to a house by the water and that we were going in a boat. He cocks his head and looks at me.
“Do you know what a boat is?”
He shakes his head no but then the light bulb when off and he said, “Jesus’ boat? Are we going with Jesus?”
We have been talking about when Jesus got into the boat and calmed the sea.
I love how his braining is working and connecting all the dots. It is truly amazing to watch!