Carl and I had a date last night watching the movie Date Night.  I admit that I laughed almost through the whole thing.  We were getting to the part where bad cops were chasing the good guys when all of a sudden there was a HUGE flash of light outside our bedroom window with a strange noise.  We jumped out of bed to investigate, but we couldn’t see anything – the power was out everywhere.

Of course Carl when into super protective mode.  We could see a car stopped out in the cul-de-sac, but that was it.  Carl wanted to go outside right away but I made him wait a minute because we just didn’t know what happened.  We called 911  to report what took place.  Then we saw people walking around the car, get in and leave.  As the car was leaving we saw that a truck had the front end smashed in.  Carl jumped into high gear and went outside to check out the situation.  By this time a  few cops had arrived on the scene.

Turns out that someone probably drank too much alcohol, crashed his truck, and all of his friends ditched him and got into the other car and left.  We read in the paper that over 5000 people lost power because of the incident.  Yikes…that was one pricey case of beer.