“You knitted me together in my mother’s womb.  I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”  Psalm 139:13

Yesterday was not the day I expected it to be.  I had a blog post all ready in my mind about how I was trying very hard to enjoy all the lasts of this pregnancy.  I was very conscious of all his movements, loving the fact I had tight skin every where (no inner tube around my waist), and knowing I could eat whatever I wanted because I wasn’t gaining any weight.  I truly wanted to enjoy the last days of my pregnancy – even when I was tired and felt like I couldn’t do another day.

When I was getting ready for church yesterday, I had this huge gagging spell and I thought I was going to throw up.  Now I didn’t really feel sick, I thought maybe it was phlegm that tickled the back of my throat.  When I arrived at church, I felt as if I was having bad menstrual cramps.  (I have been having nights where I felt like this, but never during the day)  At church we were having the ministry fair and I was supposed to be helping with the Orphan Ministry table, but I was chasing the 4 kids around to get popcorn, faces painted and playing games.  At one point, the cramps were really bad, my head was spinning, I couldn’t find Carl and I had no idea what the triplets were up to – so I started crying – simply  because I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do next.

Well, we all left church before the service started, much to Silas’ disapproval because I told him that we were going to go to church.  Carl called the hospital because I just didn’t know if I was in labor.  It has never been like this before.  They said to come in and get checked.  After we arrived, we found out that my doctor was on the one on call.  Hooray!!  She came in and checked me and I was dilated to 3 cm   We waited around to see what would happen and I started to progress even though they weren’t picking up my “contractions” or what I would call my menstrual cramps.  I got to a six and stalled because his head was in there crooked and he wouldn’t straighten it out because my cramps weren’t strong enough to push him down. My nurse Megan was great.  She was laughing with us because she has never seen someone dilate to 6 cm the way I did.  We were chatting about life, adoption, marriage, homeschooling etc.

So, I was given pitocin and let the pain begin.  I asked for an epidural and let me say it was amazing.  I make no beef that I love those things when they work.  I have had the whole spectrum of going too fast and not getting one, to one working, one not working and one partially working.  This was the best of the best.

We hung around and waited for Max’s head to move into place and then it was a matter of a few contractions and I was ready to push. One push and his head was out and I was asked if I wanted to take a little break and I said, “Nope” so I finished that push and he was out.  Ding – he was done. 8 lbs 7 oz.  20.5 inches long and born at 9:19 pm.

I sat pretty much in awe of the day because I had mentally prepared for the worst; my husband not being there, the epidural not working, me loosing my mind during the labor, blah, blah blah.  And here God was so gracious and merciful to us.  Would God still haven been good and gracious if all those things happened?  Yes of course!  But I am so humbled that He gave me such a day as yesterday.

Now I sit here and marvel at how God made baby Max so perfect.  His head full of soft brown hair, long fingers and toes, and his soft soft skin.  Oh I could sniff and snuggle him all day long.  Wait, I am going to do that!

We are planning on leaving the hospital at 7 pm tonight so that I can sleep in my own bed.

I am blessed – Very blessed.