She still is wearing her purple sandals.

Literally it is the ONLY item she will wear on her feet. I might have to dip them in bronze like they do baby shoes when she out grows these sandals.

So, today we got 3 inches of snow and what does she wear outside?

Yup you guessed it – purple sandals with no socks. – they kind of look like Keens only the Kohl’s brand.

Straight faced she looked at me and said, “I am tough and brave.  I can wear these outside.”

She was out there for about 15 minutes.  What do I do with this kid?  I am really to the point of natural consequences…if she wants to choose extremely cold wet feet over wearing socks and boots, I guess I need to let her learn.

Man, this is killing me.  Everything inside of me wants to wrestle her to the floor and put warm clothes on her.  But I know they would say on for about .15 seconds, so it is not worth the energy.