My weekly count down has begun to when we can board the plane and meet the little ones who have won my heart over. We need to pass court in Ethiopia on Oct.14th. Please mark your calendars and pray for our family. I have to take captive every thought over this date – it brings such excitement and great nervousness. If we don’t pass…well…this is where I have to let my mind NOT go, but channel it to the “God is sovereign, all knowing, and he is working for the best of my family,” category.

I have been busy packing knowing that I am bringing too much stuff but I am the over planner – always prepared for anything and everything. With 2 two year old boys the possibility for disasters and mess are endless. (I know first hand growing up with 4 brothers and 2 cousins – that is 6 boys and myself.)

Now I am gearing up for a check it off the list type of day! I need to get a few items done around here because we have been in the kitchen the past few days. I put away 17 bags of apple sauce, made 2 batches of cookies and my mom made 8 loaves of bread with the girls. Other parts of my house need a cleaning. Oh and I almost forgot, I have been learning new things with my sewing machine. You are going to love the pictures when I finish the last one! Two done and one more to go! Maybe I will get to that today too! I promised Lydia that I would have it done by Monday morning.