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25 random things about me | loved beyond all measure

I was tagged on facebook but I like to blog more so here it is…try to do it yourself. It really was quite fun.

1. I always wanted to be a mom. I knowingly went to college to get my MRS degree.
2. I can’t stick out my tongue, it is attached at the tip.
3. I have always wanted to adopt but I didn’t think I would do it before I turned 30.
4. I never ever ever thought I would live next door to my sister-in-law who bought her and my husband’s childhood home. (Not even on the radar)
5. I am not a morning person, but I know that if I get up earlier my day goes much better.
6. I like raisin bran but I don’t like to eat raisins.
7. I felt the sexiest 8 1/2 months pregnant. Once I hit my due date, I felt like an over done turkey.
8. I am not creative at all! I confess I am a really good copy cat!
9. I very much dislike traveling. Once I get there, everything is great, but the time between point A and point B is yucky.
10. I can clean up poop, vomit, blood, but if I have to clean up hair it makes me gag! I had a roommate (bless her soul…I love her) but she would put her hair on the shower wall and I couldn’t handle it. I HAVE to wear gloves cleaning the bathroom. I laugh because God gave me three girls. They might have to clean their own bathroom in the near future.
11. I love to organize and clean but you would never know it if you came to my house today.
12. I want to invent something someday, but that creates a problem when you refer to number 8.
13. I don’t listen to much music because when it is actually quiet at my house…I want it to stay that way.
14. I once said flying back from China, “I will never take children on an international flight.” Never say never! Now I will be flying with two.
15. I married the love of my life and I love spending all this time with him. We are together almost all the time day and night and I love it.
16. My love language is quantity time.
17. I am so thankful that I have a relationship with Jesus because life would be way too hard if I didn’t have someone to love me completely. And the best part is that I can spend eternity with him.
18. Orange Fanta and chocolate covered doughnuts are my downfall.
19. When I was pregnant, I never hit my highest non-pregnant weight. I have not always been skinny and really struggled with my weight in high school. I learned that I needed to let God love me for who I was right then and there and not some person in my imagination. Only then could I love others and myself the way God loves us.
20. I don’t watch TV except for the occasional Bill O’Rielly on Fox.
21. I can only sew straight lines.
22. Watching my children sleep at night is the most precious sight ever!
23. I can’t drive a stick shift and I grew up on a farm…how sad is that!
24. I have the sweep once a day policy so if you come to my house mid-day keep your shoes on.
25. I can’t wait for garage sale season to start!