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Larsen 2015 Highlights

Larsens-2015-4x6-color copy

  1. Going to Washington D.C. with Dad, Lydia and Dan Bruns
  2. Calvary Garage Sale
  3. Calvary Youth Group Fall Retreat


  1. Going to Washington D.C. with Dad, Grace, and Dan
  2. Going to Nana and Papa’s ranch during calving season
  3. Living Word Bible Camp


  1. Performing in the County Fair talent show with best friend Sophie on their unicycles
  2. Getting Willow the hamster
  3. Unicycling in local parades with the Ringsmuth Riders


  1. Deer Hunting in Brainerd and Wyoming
  2. Camping at Itasca State Park
  3. Learning how to whitewater kayak with Dad


  1. Going to Wyoming for deer hunting
  2. Staying at a waterpark in Wausau, WI
  3. Celebrating Christmas in September at O’Tiwahe Ranch


  1. Attending Caterpillar Camp at best friend Rylan’s house in July
  2. Celebrating Christmas in September at O’Tiwahe Ranch
  3. Decorating for Christmas


  1. Going to parades and getting candy
  2. Attending Caterpillar Camp
  3. Roasting marshmallows over a fire


  1. Daddy Garcin coming home from basic training
  2. Playing with best friend Milayna
  3. Going to the waterpark Brainerd during deer hunting


  1. Going to Colorado with Carl and our best friends sans children
  2. Surviving the epic bike ride at Itasca
  3. Ladies weekend away


  1. Colorado with his bride
  2. Taking Grace and Lydia around D.C.
  3. Working with great clients and having a fantastic year with TMG

Max Quote

I would love to lay in a boat with candy, unwrapped, so that I could sleep and open my mouth and candy whenever I want.

Snow Day

Lydia made a snow Mary and Baby Jesus. 

6 out 7 Happy children to go see their cousins at the end of the week. 


Christmas Day

The kids could hardly contain their excitement when we were led downstairs to open gifts. Silas told me he woke up at 6:30 and his Christmas gift to us was that he didn’t wake us up until 6:45.

The theme of the day, besides Jesus, was Legos. We found a huge trove of them on craigslist and everybody had a great time building with them together.    

Our international friends, mainly students from St. Cloud State University, arrived for lunch and stayed through the evening.

We had Singapore, Nigeria, Cameroon, Rwanda, Kenya, and Brazil represented at our table today. 

We also started A new tradition… when you visit, you don’t just sign your name underneath our table, but now you also get to mark your home country off on a scratch map. We’re looking forward to seeing the map get filled up in the years to come.


The rest of the day was filled with lots of food, games, and stories. 

Christmas Eve

Blessed to spend the day with family and friends.  

Lydia sewed or made everyone a Christmas gift this year. 

Ava received a new doll.

She made Grace and myself bracelets. 

 For the boys, she made shields. She sewed pot holders for her Daddy. And for Adie, she made American Girl doll clothes and a pencil case. 

Bibek from Nepal, and Bob, joined our family for the night. 

Shhhh..don’t tell our kids we hide their Christmas presents at Grandpa and Grandma’s house.