Lydia’s birthday lunch

Yes, almost 2 months late, we were finally able to take Lydia out for her birthday lunch. She is such a patient child and never once complained about having to wait.

We had a delightful lunch at Olive Garden, her favorite restaurant.

We learned that swimming with dolphins would be the most awesomest awesome thing she could ever think of doing. Maybe someday, Lord willing, she’ll be able to fulfill that dream.
We love you more than you know Liddy Bug.



My heart skips a beat when I walk into my basement now.

All of our books, except for our schooling books and children’s books, are on these shelves. My type A personality is warm and fuzzy. I want to show everyone who comes into the house. Lydia told me today, “Mom, why do you want to show everyone? They are JUST bookshelves.”
It is not too often that Type A can emerge. In all honesty, I have to stuff than down and be okay with a B+. I wouldn’t be a fun Mom if I let my Type A rule the roost. But here, a little place, can be delightfully fun to look at and find a good read.