I looked over and saw this.



We were standing in the hallway before church started and all of a sudden Jack says, “Hey look! The top half of her is white and the bottom half is brown.” While trying to maintain my composure, I then had to explain to Jack that she wasn’t half white and half black, but she was a white person wearing black nylons.


Today I feel like Alfalfa….I have one piece of hair that won’t stay down on the back of my head.


I am laying in bed listening to critters in my attic. Ick! In all my “self” talks, I keep saying, “put your big girl undies on and throw some poison up there.”
But I can’t bring myself to do it. All the “what ifs” keep filling my brain. What if it’s more than a few mice? What if I open up the ceiling and a mouse jumps out at me? What if…and on and on. Good grief, I can manage 8 children, but a few mice give me the willies. I wish my Dad lived down the street so I could call him over to “fix” my problem.
All that to say, my honey do list for Carl when he comes home from Ukraine just added one more thing.