3 Turkeys
40 servings of mashed potatoes
4 lbs of carrots
35 dinner rolls
cranberry sauce
Grandma Damhof’s cranberry salad (we had to explain that this really isn’t a salad with marshmallows and cool whip in it)
4 pies
and a plate full of lefse

We were able to host 4 students from Nepal, 5 from Cameroon, 1 Nigerian, 1 local student, grandparents and of course our crazy tribe.

Photo on 11-27-14 at 4.17 PM #2

Photo on 11-27-14 at 4.17 PM #3

Painting and T25

I should have taken pictures after they were done painting…let’s just say their bodies were works of art too.

Titus asked all day if we could do a T25 workout DVD. Finally at 4:45, we were able to start. These were all the willing participants for the first 6 minutes.